Medical X-Ray Systems




Amrad Classic CS

Introducing the AmradClassic CS Chest Stand System. For the unique, high-volume demands of the cardiovascular or internal medicine practice, the CS system allows fast and accurate chest imaging. The traditional floor-to-wall design distinguishes itself with its ease-of-use, quality and reliability.





Americomp AM1-AM2

The ruggedly handsome A4000 float-top elevator table features the highest quality lift mechanism designed for effortless patient transfer and positioning. This mechanism, operated by a convenient foot treadle, frees your hands and prevents the table from being inadvertently activated by the patient.





Optima Millennium

This System is a Complete Radiographic Room, ideal for the clinical or orthopedic markets. The floating” table-top has a very large range of longitudinal and transversal movements. By pressing the foot switches, the electromagnetic brakes are released for all directions. This is one of Sedecal's most prestigious systems mad of the utmost quality and perfection.





Optima URS

Optima URS is a universal swivel arm x-ray system. It is easy to operate and permits a swift radiographic procedure, a feature that applies to all conventional exposure techniques on all parts of the body. The system is composed of a floor-to-wall column and a turn able arm with variable height center. It allows taking exposures of patents in standing, sitting or laying positions.





Optima URS Plus LP

Optima URS Plus LP system can also function as a DR system when incorporating a detector. The Trixell flat panel detector combines an excellent DQE with a 143 micron pixel pitch for maximum detail detection, and is the technology of choice for some of largest x-ray companies.

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