Veterinary X-Ray Systems




Standard Vet System

The vet system consists of a 32kW high frequency microprocessor controlled generator, anatomical programming, 4-way float top table, and a hands free collimator control.





Premium Vet System

Designed by SEDECAL allows for: 1. Smooth and easy adjustment of focal distance from 30 to 120 cm (11.8 - 47.2 inches). This feature provides maximum exposure definition for the anatomical part to be examined.





Veterinary Portable System

The optional column and articulating arm make this portable x-ray unit the ideal choice for veterinary small animal use.





Innovet Classic

Since 1995, the InnoVet Classic has been the #1 selling veterinarian x-ray machine in the U.S. Over 3,000 InnoVet Classic’s currently satisfy the general radiographic needs of budget minded or space-restricted practices.





VetTek HF

The VetTek HF series offers all the features of the VetTek single phase series (with the exception of the cassette box) along with the higher mR/mAs, state-of-the-art, high frequency technology. This provides the discerning veterinarian with a top-of-the-line radiology suite that is truly a cut above the rest.

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