Xray of Feet

A Premier Medical Imaging Distributor Since 2006

Tri-State Digital Imaging, LLC is dedicated to providing clients with exceptional medical imaging solutions tailored to their exact needs. We offer quality equipment with industry-leading customer service that ensures you get clear and accurate images every time.

Custom Solutions at Reasonable Prices

As experts in wireless digital x-ray imaging, we can create a tailor-made solution that meets your needs and budget. Our solutions can be customized to fit a variety of medical applications, from bone imaging to anatomical observations.

Continuously Improving to Serve You Better

We recognize that practices, such as urgent care, have ever-growing demands. They become more challenging to meet as time passes and as our medical knowledge grows. This is why our company is constantly finding new and better ways to serve every client.

Our team upgrades equipment and streamlines processes to provide you with faster yet affordable services without sacrificing the quality of work you’ve come to expect.

Xrays of feet